Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions helps our future customers get instant answers. At Blue Coast Solar Panel Cleaning, we want to keep you as informed as possible on the solar cleaning process. If you don’t see your question throughout this list of FAQs, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask us anything. We look forward to hearing from you!

Is it necessary to have solar panels cleaned?

Yes! Cleaning your solar panels can help protect that investment you’ve made and ensure you get your money’s worth. Dust, dirt, and debris quickly accumulate on solar panels and can block the sun from reaching them as well as it would without obstructions. If you want to meet the terms and conditions of your warranty, keep your solar panels efficient, and get the ideal return on your investment, be sure to stay on top of routine cleanings.

How often will I need to clean my solar panels?

It’s best to have the solar panels cleaned once every six months. The longest you should wait to have them cleaned is a maximum of 12 months. By getting your solar panels cleaned twice a year, you can expect to improve efficiency, save more money, and keep the panels in excellent working condition for years on end.

What if I don’t have my solar panels cleaned?

A lack of cleaning leads to an accumulation of dirt, dust, and buildup from tree leaves and anything else the wind may blow in that direction. After a while, everything on top of the solar panels prevents the sun from hitting them directly, thus lowering efficiency and reducing your investment return. Studies show a buildup of dust can reduce efficiency by a staggering 40 percent. In addition, excess dirt can eventually cause damage that would need repairing before you could rely on your solar panels again. It’s not worth paying for costly repairs when you can choose to hire experts like us to complete the solar paneling cleaning for you at an affordable rate!

Will my solar panels work if I don’t clean them?

Although your solar panels may still work without being cleaned, they won’t be nearly as efficient. As solar panels accumulate dust, the efficiency continues to drop, blocking a large portion of the sunlight and preventing it from doing its job of supplying power to the home through solar panels. One of our thorough solar panel cleaning sessions allows you to see and experience the difference for yourself.

Does your company use pressure washers for solar panel cleaning?

No, we don’t use pressure washers on something as delicate as solar panels. Although pressure washing can come in handy for removing a buildup of dirt and grime from various surfaces, the pressure is too much for the panels and can potentially cause damage to them.

How long will it take to clean the solar panels?

We take a step-by-step, detailed approach to cleaning the solar panels to ensure we’ve removed every piece of dirt and dust from them. With that in mind, the amount of time it takes for us to complete this process varies and will depend on different factors, including the number of solar panels installed and the last time they’ve had a good cleaning. You can expect the process to take around two hours to complete, but this time is not approximate.

Blue Coast Solar Panel Cleaning Service provide convenient cleaning and maintenance solutions to keep solar panels functioning for homes and businesses that rely on solar power.